A record

This is a 7" record - similar to what we are making...


What are we making?

We are making a record of Penryn noises.
We will need hundreds of sounds to fill the record.
If you need any help capturing a sound - please let us know and we can help.


What do we want from you?

For the Record, we want sound recordings In Penryn, about Penryn, through Penryn, for Penryn or around Penryn.
Any type of sound by anyone.

How to contribute


What you need to do

  1. Record your chosen sound - up to 3 seconds long. Use your phone, camera, dictaphone or hightech equipment.
  2. Email or give it to us some other way - we will accept any type of sound.
  3. Come to The event

What we will do

  1. We will collect all the sounds together - Prepare 2 compilations (Side A & Side B)
  2. We will have an event for all contributors to listen together to the noises.
  3. We will make a 7" record - All contributors to the final Record will get their own copy to keep.

How to contribute

You can contribute to both the record and the event from the contribution page.