This is where you can contribute to the record and event. Please submit one sound per person / artist in any format. If you are interested in contributing to the event, then please read on.

Contributing to the record

Please email contributions to with the following:

Rules: Anything longer than 3 seconds will have the end cut off. By contributing to this project, you are happy for your contribution to be made freely available online, republished on record and to be used in performance. first come - first served for the 7".

Let us know if you can't submit via email

submission ends Friday July 19th midnight Extended til Thursday 25TH midnight

Contributing to the event

We want to show how diverse local sound art is. We are looking for sound sculpture, improv, electronics, performance or anything far out that uses sound.

Please email - include links to examples of your work - audio / video / websites. Let us know briefly what you would like to do at the event and how long your piece might be.

We are hoping that artists will involve the sounds being contributed to the record in their piece, so let us know how that might fit. There’s plenty of room for collaboration and we look forward to working with you. If you are interested in being involved in the event, please also contribute to the record.

We will be in contact as soon as we know who will be involved in the event.

Thank you